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Filler Wax Series


   FILLER WAX P is a strange synthetic wax that does not solidify oil, unlike typical wax that forms a crystal structure.

   It exists as tiny particles in oil and acts as a filler. For example, if you want to reduce oil from a lipstick formulation to create a matte appearance and thick feel, it can be added as a substitute for oil. It is also useful in creating an even film that stays on the skin.

Basic Information

Product Name: FILLER WAX P
INCI Name: Synthetic Wax
Melting Point: 83.0-95.0°C
Net Weight: 10 kg
NI / NOI (ISO16128): 0.00 / 0.00

Formulation Sample

Formulation Sample

Turmeric Suncare Cream

Formulation No. WSSC-001

   This is a sunscreen cream with mineral filters. The addition of SolaPure Glo (Hallstar) is expected to help provide greater UV protection by increasing the thickness and uniformity of the coating film and improving the dispersibility of the mineral filters. SolaPure Glo also provides the anti-inflammatory and whitening effects of turmeric root extract. SolaPure Glo improves SPF by 30% and PFA by 25% (in vitro test) compared to the formulation without SolaPure Glo.

Special Ingredients

Silky Body Scrub

Formulation No. BSOG-001

   This exfoliating gel contains sucrose particles that dissolve in water for easy rinsing. FILLER WAX P provides a thick, non-sticky feel. MYRTLE-OLIVE Oléoactif (Hallstar) has the antioxidant action of myrtle and olive. DIAM Oléoactif has the anti-inflammatory action of oak.

Special Ingredients

Lip Plump Essence – Gel Type –

Formulation No. WLE-GT001

   This lip care gel contains two types of botanical ingredients: PLUMP Oléoactif (Hallstar) and Virgin Plum Oil (Perles de Gascogne). PLUMP Oléoactif has the plumping action of pomegranate and the moisturizing action of jojoba. Virgin Plum Oil is rich in sterols, which provide the moisturizing action. FILLER WAX P is used for gelling.

Special Ingredients

Moist Matte Lipstick

Formulation No. WLIP04

   In general, a matte lipstick contains a lot of pigment for matting, but the pigment absorbs water from the lips. This lipstick is matted by using AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F and the particulate waxes. The powder does not absorb water or oil, so it does not dry the lips. The particulate waxes, which are ester waxes formed in low-polarity oil, do not structure the network, but fill in the gaps of the formulation. They have a matting and moisturizing effect by replacing pigment.

Special Ingredients

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