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   AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F is a smooth powder made with a special process from 100% rice. The particle size is about 5 µm, and the feel is very soft. It does not absorb oil or water, and therefore, it scarcely causes swelling or stickiness. It can be used as a substitute for plastic powder such as PMMA and nylon.

* Please refrain from adding it to a formulation containing water above 55℃.

Basic Information

INCI Name: Amylopectin
Net Weight: 15 kg
NI / NOI (ISO16128): 1.00 / 1.00

Formulation Sample

We won the bronze prize in the CITE JAPAN 2023 AWARD for the environment.

Advanced Use

   While making the formulation with AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F, we noticed that the color was vivid. To verify this phenomenon, we compared the colors of 40% iron oxides (yellow or red) with each white powder: CaCO3, BaSO4, cellulose, AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F, sericite and talc. As a result, AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F gave the most vivid color.

   Then, we mixed the two colored powders and compared the colors. In this case, AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F also gave the most vivid color.

   We assume that the particle of AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F is wrapped in iron oxides, and therefore, the uniform and large pigment particle  is formed. The formulation with it can be vivid thanks to this structure, and especially when some pigments are mixed, the phenomenon can work well because the pigments are flattened on a skin without piling up like the mechanism of Pointillism.



   OIL DELIVERY POWDER is a mixture of AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F and low polarity oil. The cohesion structure of AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F enclosing the oil is observed under electron microscope. When added to a powder foundation, the structure is easily broken by stirring and the oil is released evenly throughout the formulation.

    Because you can add oil as a powder, lumps and unevenness do not occur in a powder foundation, and you can add a bare minimum of oil uniformly. You can choose from four types of oil: dimethicone, olive squalane, sugar squalane and hemisqualane.

Basic Information

INCI Name: Amylopectin (and) Dimethicone (and) Octyldodecanol
Net Weight: 5 kg
NI / NOI (ISO16128): 0.80 / 0.85

Formulation Sample


   ADVANCED AMP NT20 is the powder binder for a pressed powder foundation. It consists of particulate rice bran wax and beeswax. The particle size of the waxes is 5-10 µm, and they are wrapped in AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F.

   In general, a powder foundation is hardened with liquid oil, butter and soap scum, but they often cause lumps and uneven mixing. ADVANCED AMP NT20 is evenly distributed throughout the formulation by stirring, filling in the gaps of the powder and moderately hardening the formulation by pressing.

Basic Information

Product Name: ADVANCED AMP NT20
INCI Name: Amylopectin (and) C13-15 Alkane (and) Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax (and)
Beeswax (and) Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil
Net Weight: 5 kg
NI / NOI (ISO16128): 0.89 / 1.00

Formulation Sample

Formulation Sample

Hassle-Free Dry Process Foundation

Formulation No. FD23002W

   This powder foundation is made of powder ingredients only and has a creamy feel despite a dry process. The production method is very simple and helps to reduce the variation in the quality of the final product. ADVANCED AMP NT20 moderately hardens this powder foundation, and OIL DELIVERY POWDER 20 DSi C provides the bare minimum of oil to make the feel creamy and prevent the powder from scattering. No talc is used.

Special Ingredients

Fluffy Rice Foundation

Formulation No. WLP-AP3001

   This loose powder is composed of 30% AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F. This ingredient is made with a special process from 100% rice, and both the Natural Index and the Natural Origin Index (ISO 16128) are 1.00. It has a smooth feel and does not cause swelling or stickiness due to sweat and sebum.

Special Ingredients

Natural Matte Lipstick

Formulation No. WLIP14

   This lipstick is matted by using AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F, and most of the ingredients are natural. In general, a matte lipstick contains a lot of pigment for matting, but the pigment absorbs water from the lips. AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F does not absorb water or oil, so it does not dry out the lips. The particulate wax, which is considered to sequester the hydrophobic parts in the center like a micelle, hardens the formulation, not structuring the network, but filling in the gaps of the formulation.

Special Ingredients

Non-Aqueous Waterproof Mascara

Formulation No. WWPM01

   This is a fast drying non-aqueous mascara with AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F, LASH POLYMER CR60 and FILM FORMER COMPLEX NAM-2. The powder improves pigment dispersion and film thickness and uniformity. One of the film formers contains candelilla resin and provides adhesion and gloss. The other one is a blend of methacrylate polymers, has water resistance and keeps the shape of the film.

Special Ingredients

Skin-Nourishing Stick

Formulation No. WSCBS02

   This is a moisturizing and nourishing stick that you can use anytime. It contains AMYLOPECTIN POWDER F, which has a soft-focus effect. COLOR GREASE RIO and YIO give it a cherry blossom tint. Three types of Hallstar extracts are used to nourish the skin: BIOME Oléoactif (smooths skin texture and reduces wrinkles), LOOK Oléoactif (reduces dark circles) and PROPOLIS Oléoactif TL (increases antimicrobial power and reduces wrinkles).

Special Ingredients

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